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Back to School 2010

It is that time of year again: the weather in Kansas vaguely resembles rainforest air trapped inside an oven set to broil, all grasslike plants are crispy brown, and teachers areĀ  starting to say certifiably insane things like, “I could use some kind of routine in my life again.” It is back to school time.

My principal is giving me time to address teachers on their first day back, but I’ll likely be given the floor at the end of the morning session, when all anyone wants to do is get to work in their rooms, or more likely, go to lunch *outside of the school cafeteria.* So I’ll try to be brief. The thing is, I really want to generate some energy among the staff about a revitalization plan that I have for the library this year. I’m increasing efforts to help teachers incorporate 21st century media and information skills into lessons. Hopefully this slideshow will generate some thought: (in the spirit of and thanks to Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod’s Did You Know?)


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