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Successes! (And Goals)

Just another day in the PHS Library!

Fall of 2010 has been a great semester! The library has been bustling, resources have been added, collaboration and teaching has increased, the website has been updated, and many students have benefited from library services!

First, a look at the Fall semester, and then, a look at where the Spring semester will take us.

Subjects taught/collaborative ventures:

  • Primary Sources: Duke/ American History AP
  • Booktalks and Author Information: Scheffler/Sophomore English and Pre-AP
  • Video Foreign Exchange: Radke/World Studies (still a work in progress)
  • Image Copyright: McPherson/Graphic Design
  • Improving Powerpoint: Deneault/Public Speaking; Carlton/Intro to FACS; Marietta/Word Processing; Turrentine/Word Processing
  • General Research & Citation: Reed/Zoology
  • Photography Copyright & Ethics: Horchem/Photography 1
  • Ready for College Research?: KU Librarians/Interested students
  • A little feedback from teachers:

On Powerpoint Literacy instruction:

“If you’ve never had Meghan work with your kids, it’s AMAZING.  The quality of student output is so much better than I could have ever imagined, and the kids seem a lot more confident in what they’re doing.”     –  Katie Deneault

“[The presentations] were SO MUCH BETTER!  They actually presented instead of read.  All of them were better.  Thank you so much!!”    -Megan Carlton

On tech tips offered by the librarian:

I love it….  Thank you very much….  ALL my students will be taught how to do this by the end of the semester!!!!!!  What a time saver    – Denise Duke

Some numbers: (4A sized library- Fall semester)

764 books checked out
189 class visits- Mrs. Deneault wins the Most Frequent Flier Award
28 instruction sessions taught
683 new website visits
123 new books added (more donations being processed)
Uncounted volumes of student questions answered/ assistance provided

Goals for the Spring Semester:

1. Revamp the research process lesson plans and use with Mrs. Armstrong’s classes
2. Increase frequency of blogging with lesson plans for teacher/librarian collaboration
3. Find a place for bringing back booktalking and “If you liked _______, try reading _______” for “beyond required reading”
4. Weed fiction section and reorganize in bookstore model (a huge undertaking)
5. Plan “choice reading” events for 4th quarter (such as mini-ReadIns)
6. Create procedures manual

And, finally, some snapshots of Fall, 2010 in PHS LibraryLand

Coffee shop style seating rearrangement:

Selecting books:

A visual of the number of books checked out (each Post-It is a title checked out):

KU Librarians speaking on College Research Readiness:

New books!:

Text report below. Here’s to a great semester!


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