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Ready for College Research?

Today, three fantastic librarians from the University of Kansas Libraries visited to speak with some of our college bound students about what they can expect in college in terms of workload and  research skills, and how the library system can help them with these things.

They did a great job giving students a wake-up call in terms of the independence and necessity for self motivation that all high-school-students-transitioning-to-undergraduates face, and kept it general enough that it was applicable for students looking at any college (not just KU). They were honest, funny, and genuinely reached out to our students, showing them that librarians and libraries are there to make life easier and more interesting!

It was also good for the students to hear from someone other than me that these skills are needed (among others mentioned):

– Developing specific keywords for database searching

– Google vs. databases (pluses and minuses of each)

– Identifying information sources

– Ability to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of sources

– Using sources ethically

A few pictures from the event:

Many thanks to Tami, Jill, and Bayliss!


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