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Digital Annotation Using Diigo

We have some great things going on at our school this year in terms of improving reading skills in our students. Active reading is being utilized and especially highlighting and annotation. Sometimes we, as educators, take for granted that our high school students automatically employ higher level skills as they read, but comprehension checks often show that they don’t. So it is great to see our teachers helping students to interact with reading pieces by highlighting, asking probing questions in their annotations via sticky notes, making connections with other knowledge, determining author’s purpose, etc.

Today’s offered lesson plan asks students to do these things with the digital reading that they do rather than just textbooks, in-hand novels, and photocopied articles. Much of the reading that students do in college, in the workforce, and for pleasure is in digital format. They NEED to be able to employ these higher level reading skills when reading in digital format, and we cannot just assume that the skills transfer formats.

Diigo is social bookmarking and annotation tool that grants free educator upgrades. Teachers can set up student accounts (no email address needed for students), group by class, distribute reading pieces, grade student annotations, and facilitate digital classroom discussions over what they read.

Here is a sample article, highlighted and with sticky notes added (what your students would do):

Diigo Sample

Here is what the educator account looks like from the management/administrative end (what you would see as a teacher to manage your student accounts and classes):

Diigo Teacher Sample

Piper teachers, I’d love to team teach with you to help implement this tool successfully in your classroom! Here is a sample lesson that you are welcome to use or modify:


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