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There is a teacher in our building that is my education kindred soul. She and I have similar taste in books, she sees value in the incorporation of library media standards and skills in to her curriculum, and is all around an awesome English teacher (much better than I was in my classroom days.) I’d love to persuade her to come to the dark side and pursue library media licensure, but it would be a loss to her classroom students, so, instead, I wallow happily in our frequent team teaching partnerships.

As a facet of our renewed push this year to improve reading climate at our school, students in each English course read 2 ‘required’ novels and 2 ‘choice’ novels a year. By ‘choice,’ I mean that they choose from a list of 5 or so titles. I think our Language Arts Department did a pretty good job of freshening up the reading lists, especially compared to many lists that currently exist in high schools. To introduce their choices, my education kindred soul and I did tag-team booktalks with a minimalist Powerpoint philosophy for her 10th grade Pre AP class: (though our spoken lines are missing, you can get a general idea of the content)


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