Student blogging

Hello Piper teachers- I realize I’ve been completely slacking in my mission to highlight tools with classroom application for you this semester. I’ll do better next semester, I promise.

Mike Licht, Flickr Creative Commons

For today, I thought I’d call blogging to your attention. A few benefits to student blogging:

  • Authentic writing and reflection (Trying to get your students to write for an audience? Want them to reflect on an article, a current event, results of an experiment? )
  • Students can read and respond to classmates’ work and writing
  • Students can learn using a digital method of communication- skills they will need in many careers
  • Students can build a positive online portfolio and digital footprint

Most blogs are blocked by the filter, but James has set up hosted WordPress blogging, which means that student accounts are hosted on a district server and are therefore not blocked.

I used blogging with my Information and Society students this semester, and it worked well. We worked on questioning and inquiry, discussion reflection, and tool reviews. We also had to constantly revisit the need to give credit to image sources, but they started to get the hang of it.

I would be happy to set up blog accounts for your students and help to get the process off the ground- as always, let me know!

Please feel free to take a look at my students’ work:

Student Blog Links

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