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Back in Action- Library and Class

Wow. Four days into the school year, and I already found myself Googling stress management techniques last weekend. The year has started off in a whirlwind week of approximately 2,500 textbook checkouts, 81 library book checkouts, five of my own classes taught, four collaborative lessons taught, Open House night, and lots of coffee.

On the bright side, Information & Society has 26 fantastic students and the library is a bustling place for all other students and teachers!

I’d like to progress this year using this space to highlight some of what we do in Information & Society, what worked/what didn’t, as well as to continue to highlight information/tech/teaching tools that teachers in my building might be interested in incorporating into their lessons.

So, what we have done so far in Information & Society:

1. Taken an informal information opinion survey:

I’m keeping their surveys and they will take it again at the end of the semester to see whether their thoughts change.

2. Gotten students registered on our class wiki:






3. Attempted to have our first online discussion thread on the wiki and found that it was blocked, even though the tech department had whitelisted our particular page. Wikispaces in general is blocked- but I’m working on them to get that changed! šŸ™‚

So, had a successful, on-the-fly discussion using this prompt: When is it important to be conscious of the quality and type of information that we use and when does it not really matter?

4. The rest of this week we will be selecting personal interest topics, setting up accounts on iGoogle and Delicious, exploring blogs on their personal interest topics and adding to their iGoogle feeds, reading from a chosen book, and attending a pep rally! Whew!



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