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Fiction section by genres

I took the plunge. I rearranged the fiction section in to genres. While the traditional arrangement by author last name makes for quick location of specific books, I believe it was a barrier to student motivation to read. Looking at a wall of book spines was overwhelming to students and if we are to encourage them to read in addition to all of the other activities that compete for teenagers’ time, I believe we need to make selection and access to books as user friendly as possible.

Since much of fiction selection is on a browse basis, and so many students come in wanting a genre type, this just made sense to me. Plus, reports from fellow librarians that circulation increased after implementing this type of organization sealed the deal for me.

I began by assigning a colored dot to each of these categories:

Historical Fiction


Sports and Action

Realistic Fiction



Fantasy/ Science Fiction

Then, I placed the appropriate category dot on each fiction spine. I then changed the call numbers in cataloging, and finally, moved the books to the appropriate section.

Mrs. McPherson’s graphic design students made me signage:

Realistic Fiction

Final product:


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