Teaching This Stuff in Course Format

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The school board approved my course proposal for an information/library centered course! Provided that enough students enroll for the course to make, I’ll be teaching “Information and Society” starting Fall 2011.

I feel like a first year teacher again, nine years after starting in education: excited to fulfill professional goals, but also a little queasy about creating course content from scratch!

I’m using the Kansas Library Media and Technology Standards as a base, but have a lot of decisions to make in terms of content sequencing and tool use.

I have a few questions for my fellow high school librarians out there: (Please leave comments or shoot me an email!)

1. Which would you address first: specific types of information sources (concrete stuff) or the more theory/discussion based information topics (ethics; equitable access; privacy; etc)? Why?

2. Do you know of anyone that teaches library/information skills as a high school course? I would LOVE to visit with someone who has created a course like this.

3. Do you have ANY materials that you would be willing to share with me? ANYTHING!? (squeezing my stress ball, squeezing my stress ball)

Here is a tentative sequence of topics we’ll address in case you are curious- definitely up for revising:


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