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Using Quality Information- Research Part III

One delightful afternoon in the library, I overheard a conversation between two students that made my little librarian heart swell with happiness. One student shared a surprising fact that she read on the internet with the student next to her. The other student responded with, “Really? Are you sure? Did you check to see whether the source is reliable?”

Time stopped. The earth’s rotation ceased. Tides reversed. Toilets flushed counterclockwise.

When I regained my senses, I realized that these two girls had been in a class a few days prior that received a presentation on critically evaluating information.  Sometimes I feel like those presentations fall on deaf ears (or ears too impatient to get the assignment done to take the time to analyze the info they find), but that glorious exchange proved to me that when we emphasize quality, they listen.

The last post in my “Better Research” series, I offer a look at a presentation (below) that I would love to do with your students. Send me an email soon to collaborate on any information/research topic!



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