Better Research Part II- Sources

A week ago, regional college professors and librarians met with high school librarians for a “College Readiness Dialog” at which they discussed what areas of literacy that incoming college freshmen are lacking. I was not able to attend, but area librarian Becca Munson reported on her blog that these were emphasized as areas of weakness:

– Awareness of multiple citation formats (MLA vs. APA, etc)

– Being required to use ‘scholarly journal’ articles rather than general web sources

– Incorporating research into a paper logically and seamlessly, rather than just pasting web text together

Very timely information, I think.

High school students are very good at convincing us (ok-maybe just me) that we ask too much of them. And they are not wrong. In their eyes, we can ask more of them than they are accustomed to. But that is what learning is. We need to demand more- students will never grow unless we ask them to stretch. They do need to be using more scholarly sources. They do need to be able to analyze their research and synthesize it in to their own projects/papers. They do need to cite correctly- every time.

Our students’ future college professors are begging us to require these things!

In that spirit, I am posting possible lesson plans and activities on the second part of ‘Better Research’ on The Search & Sources.  As always, I would love to work with you and your students the next time they do any research, whether small or large scale; send me an email and we can plan something great! (Possible ideas below)



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